Flexible Opportunities

We aim to create opportunity and inclusion in our workforce

Supporting you to thrive

‘It’s great to have the flexibility of working a few hours or days a week so that I can slow down and enjoy life a bit more.’

Paul Day
Easing into retirement

At Acumentis we value the high-quality hidden talent not participating in the workforce as they aren’t looking for full-time work.

We know that there are many candidates with the skills, passion and desire to work with more flexibility and we’re committed to making opportunities possible to suit your needs.

We have multiple flexible part-time roles on offer across the nation in metro and regional areas for Certified Practicing Valuers, in our residential, commercial and rural teams.

See if one of these is the right role for you or contact us to discuss your dream role today.


Why work with Acumentis?

When thinking about your career, here is why you should consider Acumentis:

  • Flexible working arrangements to support team members during all life stages.
  • A single company network with a genuine way to successfully do business.
  • A strong and healthy team culture with a supportive environment.
  • Opportunity to work with projects across the nation.
  • Industry-leading training and career development.
  • A passionate attitude to develop young people to their full potential.
A strong team culture and supportive environment.