Acumentis FY23-26

Diversity & Inclusion

To enhance our organisation’s diversity and inclusiveness, we have developed the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy FY23 to FY26.

Whilst this is the first formal strategy for Diversity and Inclusion in Acumentis, informally this has been an area that is already operationally occurring. The choice to set a strategy for 3 years is to create a formal starting point that can be implemented and reviewed in this time frame.

As an organisation committing to a more formal D&I framework by 2026, we may shorten or lengthen the strategy framework timeframe when next reviewed.

Whilst this strategy is in operation for 3 years, it will be regularly reviewed, at minimum six monthly.

A word from the Managing Director & CEO

Diversity is the mix of people in our organisation. Inclusion is getting this mix to work – creating an environment where a diversity of people are respected, connected, and progressing and contributing to our organisation’s success. Therefore, as an organisation, if we wish to experience the benefits of diversity, we need to continue to cultivate not just a diverse workplace but importantly, an inclusive one.

To enhance our organisation’s diversity and inclusiveness, we have developed the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy FY23 to FY26.

This strategy considers and responds to the inaugural Acumentis Diversity and Inclusion Survey conducted mid- 2020, Acumentis’ Guiding Principles and best practice research from around the world.

We have relied heavily on the data backed research and guidance of the Diversity Council of Australia, of which we became members of in August 2020.

Timothy Rabbitt
Managing Director & CEO


Guiding Principles

This Strategy aims to support and guide us as per our organisation Guiding Principles.

Our Guiding Principles are as “One Team” to:

  • Never Quit
  • Embrace Equality of Opportunity
  • Support Our People and Clients
  • Walk the Talk

We expect our employees to lead themselves (Never Quit), hold themselves accountable (Walk the Talk), whilst supporting the internal team, and liaising directly with external stakeholders (Support Our People and Clients), all whilst acting in a fair and reasonable way (Embrace Equality of Opportunity).

This will be for the benefit of colleagues, shareholders, customers, business partners and the wider communities where the role is located.

Acumentis guiding principles illustration


Over the next 3 years we strive to continue to:

  • Build an inclusive workforce through employee awareness, understanding and engagement.
  • Attract, recruit, develop and retain a workforce, which reflects the community we serve.
  • Strengthen workforce data and evidence to inform sustainable D&I decisions and initiatives.

to Action

Acumentis continues to be committed to promoting diversity, equality, respect and inclusion. We recognise that diversity and inclusion benefits our profession and the community. Accordingly, Acumentis has and continues to commit to:

  • treating people with respect and dignity regardless of sex, sexuality, disability, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or other arbitrary feature;
  • creating and fostering equality through a supportive and understanding environment for individuals to realise their maximum potential regardless of differences;
  • promoting and supporting a strong and fair profession comprising, accommodating, encouraging and respecting a diverse range of individuals and views.

Areas of Focus

As part of this ongoing commitment, we have outlined the following areas of focus that are in place or being worked toward, that will support Acumentis in its ongoing Diversity and Inclusion journey:

CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse)

  • Increase representation in the organisation from a CALD perspective to access new markets, understand the multicultural consumers in the country, go global and serve the diversity of our clients.

Disabilities and Accessibility

  • Review accessibility within offices
  • Develop further disability awareness
  • Increase our talent pool via adjusted workplaces, equipment, systems and practices

Flexible Working Arrangements

  • Continue to manage individual needs arising from childcare, eldercare or other domestic issues to enable participation of team members that otherwise may have to withdraw from the workforce.

First Nations Participation

  • Increasing the number of First Nations People employed by and supplying to our organisation, thus enabling an organisation that understands, respects and embraces First Nations culture

Learning & Development

  • Further develop the capability and competency of team members in areas that support the overall diversity & inclusion capability of the organisation.

Mental Health & Wellness

  • Support and enhance a psychologically safe workplace and work environment
  • Increase understanding of Mental Health and improve capacity of management to respond to Mental Health situations
  • Inspire and enhance Mental Wellness.


  • Ensure that organisational practices are inclusive and address the diverse mix of religions our team members are representative of.

Sexual and Gender Identity

  • Embrace and support our team members, no matter how they identify from a sexual or gender construct.

Women in Leadership

  • Increase participation of women in the workforce and specifically in leadership positions to provide diversity of opinions and beliefs.


In preparing this strategy, multiple sources were used to create an informed, research based and data supported vision to progress the future of Diversity & Inclusion at Acumentis. Our thanks and credit to the following sources:

Alana Zelones
Group Executive Director: People & WA/SA/NT Operations
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