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Qualified Business Valuers

Acumentis boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced business valuers, all registered as Certified Practicing Valuers and members of the Australian Property Institute (API). As a registered company with both the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and API, we are committed to adhering to the highest industry standards and guidelines.

  • Litigation & Family Law
  • Pre-purchase/pre-sale
  • Mortgage Security
  • Succession Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Taxation

Servicing Diverse Industries 

Our commitment to delivering expert business valuation services extends to a broad spectrum of industries, including the below and many more.

  • Real Estate (Rent Roll & Sales Office) Valuations
  • Retail & Shopping Valuations
  • Leisure & Tourism (hotel, motel, cafes, restaurants)
  • Automotive Industries
  • Health & Medical (Pharmacies, Medical Centres, Specialist Practices)
  • Childcare
  • Industrial (warehouse & distribution)
  • Professional Services (legal, advertising, accounting)
  • Franchise Valuations

Business Valuation FAQ's

Business valuations determine the potential market value for a company in the event of a sale. Conducted independently, these valuations analyse various factors sourced from reliable information, including account statements, industry trends, economic conditions, market dynamics, and the value of tangible assets like buildings and equipment, along with the replacement cost of equipment.  

Additionally, valuations may encompass intangible assets such as the company's reputation, multiple brands, goodwill, location, and intellectual property. Our team can provide specialized expertise when evaluating these unique assets. 

Business Valuations encompass a range of methodologies, each tailored to suit specific business contexts. The most common methods include applying a Capitalisation Rate to EBIT (Earnings before Income and Tax), EBITDA (Earnings before Income, Tax, and Depreciation), PEBIT (Proprietor’s Earnings before Income Tax), and Super Profits (EBIT adjusted for considerations of Funds Employed in Plant & Equipment, Stock, and Working Capital). At Acumentis, our experienced team determine the most fitting methodologies for diverse business types. 

In addition to these, Industry-Based Methods and Discounted Cash Flows are alternative approaches employed in certain scenarios. The chosen method is clearly outlined in the valuation report, selected based on the industry nuances, the purpose of the valuation, and the available information. This ensures a thorough and tailored valuation approach for every business we assess. 

Long established networks with various Business Brokers, enhance our ability to align Business Valuations with current market dynamics. We proactively leverage these relationships and where industry market sales data is available we will make comparisons to this in the valuation report.   

In instances where industry-specific market sales data is accessible, we integrate this valuable information into our valuation reports, drawing insightful comparisons. 

However, recognising that comparable market transactions may not always be readily available, we adopt a comprehensive approach. In such cases, we conduct a review of transactions within industries that respond to similar economic variables and share a comparable risk profile. This process ensures that our valuations are well-supported and reflective of the broader economic landscape, even in the absence of direct industry comparisons.  

Getting started on your business valuation is a straightforward process with Acumentis. Once we receive a Letter of Instruction from you, we'll initiate the valuation process. This document serves as the blueprint, detailing the specific business to be valued, providing pertinent contact details, and confirming the agreed-upon terms for payment of our service invoice. 

It's important to note that the party issuing the instructions becomes the designated owner of the valuation. Therefore, the individual or entity instructing the valuation will receive the final report in both digital and hard-copy formats. This ensures transparency and clarity in our communication and delivery process.  

The Instructing party varies based on the circumstances surrounding the requirement for the valuation. Common instructing parties are Banks, Business Owners, Solicitors, Government organisations. 

It's important to note that the party issuing the instructions becomes the designated owner of the valuation. Therefore, the individual or entity instructing the valuation will receive the final report in both digital and hard-copy formats. This ensures transparency and clarity in our communication and delivery process. 

Upon receiving an instruction letter, Acumentis team members promptly engage with the Business Owner of the subject business. We formally request the necessary information crucial for a comprehensive valuation. Once this essential data is in our hands, we endeavor to complete the valuation report within a timeframe of 10 to 15 working days. 

Our dedication to efficiency sees us, at times, deliver reports even faster within this stipulated timeframe. In the event of unexpected delays due to workload, we prioritise transparent communication and will notify you if the completion may extend beyond our usual timeframe. 

Your time constraints are important to us. If you have specific deadlines that require our attention, kindly inform us at the time of instruction. This enables us to tailor our efforts and ensure we meet your expectations by working diligently within your specified deadlines.  

Our Valuation Reports stand valid for a period of up to three months from their issuance date, ensuring that our clients receive the most current and reliable information. 

To assist our team in efficiently preparing your business valuation, business details will need to be provided. Upon receiving instructions to initiate a valuation, we promptly provide clients with the appropriate checklist of required information.  Commonly requested information includes; 

  • 3 years of Financial Statements (Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, and Depreciation Schedules). 
  • Managerial Year to Date Profit and Loss Statements. 
  • Staffing Details. 
  • Lease copy and Recent Rent Invoice. 
  • Monthly Income data (24 months for general businesses, 12 months for Rent Roll Valuations). 
  • Details of physical assets (Buildings, Stock, Equipment) 
  • Legal Documents (licence, registration other details for compliance purposes) 

For Rent Roll Valuations, additional details are required, including a copy of the Current Property Detail Report, Current Arrears and Vacancy Reports, Copies of Licences, Audit Report of the Trust Account, and a Copy of the Certificate of Professional Indemnity Insurance.  

Specific industry/business information may also be requested based on the business type being valued. 

Acumentis makes it our point of difference to always inspect the business being valued. With valuers strategically positioned in 45 offices across Australia, we travel extensively to conduct these on-site valuations. 

During these visits, we take the opportunity to engage with Business Owners/Managers, discussing the intricacies of the business and addressing any queries related to the information received. This site visit is invaluable in gaining deeper insights into the business's unique aspects, understanding locational advantages or disadvantages, and capturing the essence of its operational environment. Such firsthand experience is crucial and unattainable without a physical visit to the business. 

For Rent Roll Valuations, we also conduct a small audit of a sample of management and tenancy agreements during our site visit, ensuring a comprehensive assessment. 

However, should the Instructing Party specifically request it, we are equipped to perform Desktop Business Valuations. 

Rest assured, the Acumentis team will always treat your business information with complete confidence.  

As part of our process, a copy of the information supplied for the valuation is included in the Appendix to our Valuation Report. However, if you wish to omit certain details or prefer not to have the information in the Appendix, please inform us, and we will ensure these adjustments are made. 

We also understand the sensitivity of Sale situations, where confidentiality is crucial. In such cases, we collaborate with you to ensure a seamless valuation process. If preferred, we can accommodate after-hours visits to maintain your privacy during the valuation process.  

Real Estate Business Valuations

Specialising in Rent Roll and Sales Offices 

One of our primary areas of expertise lies in real estate valuations, with a particular focus on rent rolls. Leveraging a vast database of sales, our team conducts meticulous valuations for real estate agencies across Australia. Whether you’re acquiring a rent roll or managing an existing one, our commitment is to provide excellent service for all your valuation needs. 

Retail & Shopping Valuations 

Independent supermarket valuations form a frequent part of our valuation reports. Having assessed brands such as Spar, Foodworks, and IGA, our experts draw upon extensive benchmark and sales data for a thorough analysis. With thorough analysis of sales evidence, annual turnover, gross profit, net profit, return on investment, plant and equipment, and rent/lease contracts, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of your supermarket’s market value. 

Franchise Valuations 

Franchise valuations are another of our specialties, encompassing recognised brands such as Licenced Post Offices, Coffee Clubs, Subway, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Red Rooster, Guzman Y Gomez, and more. Our approach involves a meticulous examination of the franchise model, assessing the franchisor, the business, other franchisees, financial aspects, the franchise agreement, and covered territories, ensuring an independent and accurate evaluation. 

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At Acumentis, our mission is to provide unparalleled valuation services tailored to the specific needs of each industry, fostering growth and informed decision-making for our valued clients. 

Reach out to your local team to explore how our expertise can benefit your business. 

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Usha Abbey 
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