Graduate Program

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At Acumentis, our future is dependent upon the next generation of graduates and students. It’s why we developed our graduate program and offer internship and work experience opportunities. This is our commitment to providing new starters with the best opportunities and training available.

We worked with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to create a structured on-job training approach linked to the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) training process. This ensures all graduates develop their skills in accordance with RICS and APC guidelines. Whilst structured, placements are flexible and will be arranged to meet the practical components required by your university course.

As a graduate with Acumentis, in addition to your professional development training, you will receive on-job mentoring and real world experience to help you upskill. You are provided with the tools to succeed, including a personal graduate guide outlining the core competencies you require. Your mentor provides support and guidance to help you achieve these competencies and gain valuable skills in the process.

Upon completion, you will have attained valuable work experience, mentoring and practical skills to prepare you for your career. Additionally, you will have a wide network for future career opportunities and you will become a RICS member, which helps you to achieve your professional qualifications.

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