Conference Form

MARKETING NOTE: Please make sure tags and database is correct in Gravity Form backend.

FORM NOTE: All visitors that would like an Acumentis ‘goodie bag’ must have their details put into this system to qualify for a bag. If a person has visited the stand in previous years, they still must have their details run through this form as it updates their details.

Remember to ask for their WORK email and note that admin@ emails will not work. If that’s the case, ask for a Gmail, Outlook etc. email. If they don’t have one, they must like and follow us on either LinkedIn or Instagram — no details, no goodie.

Remember to ask if they have ever done a Boardroom Lunch. If they’re keen for one, ask how many are at their firm that would be interested. We always like to include as many people from their firm including admin and paralegals.

Please also let them know they will receive Family Law Market Insights every month.

NOTE: This form current submits to the Family Law – Combined Database. This form is intended for the Family Law Intensive Conferences.


Cannot be an admin@… email address.

Work Details

Office to be Assigned


Let the person know that they will receive an email immediately after you submit their details and will have a copy of our Family Law Capability Deck. Some offices will have a Fixed Price Guide and Single Points of Contact attached to the email being sent.

ūüí≤ denotes a Family Law fixed price guide attached to that office.

‚öĖ denotes a Family Law Single Point of Contact for Family Law Property Valuations for that office.


All clients that have SMSF selected will receive an email with their Fixed Price guide and a capability deck.


All clients that have Tax Dep selected will receive an email with a link to the Tax Depreciation Instant Price Guide Calculator and a capability deck.

Field of Expertise(Required)
You can select multiple. If you do, let them know they will receive an email for each expertise.

Head to be Assigned

This is for emails that will be sent out and signed off by that head of Family Law for that area.
Eg. Newcastle would have Tom as the person sending the email.

More Information

Is an IOU Needed?
Boardroom Lunch?

Can leave blank