Do you visit the premises during a Business Valuation? 

Acumentis makes it our point of difference to always inspect the business being valued. With valuers strategically positioned in 45 offices across Australia, we travel extensively to conduct these on-site valuations. 

During these visits, we take the opportunity to engage with Business Owners/Managers, discussing the intricacies of the business and addressing any queries related to the information received. This site visit is invaluable in gaining deeper insights into the business's unique aspects, understanding locational advantages or disadvantages, and capturing the essence of its operational environment. Such firsthand experience is crucial and unattainable without a physical visit to the business. 

For Rent Roll Valuations, we also conduct a small audit of a sample of management and tenancy agreements during our site visit, ensuring a comprehensive assessment. 

However, should the Instructing Party specifically request it, we are equipped to perform Desktop Business Valuations.