How to prepare for a house valuation?

Once your inspection has been booked, at a mutually convenient time for the valuer and yourself you should start to prepare for the valuation to occur. Here are a few tips.

Provide access

A valuer will need access to the whole property. Where possible, to speed up the valuation process the homeowner can open side and rear gates, garages, pool fences, and internal and entry doors. An essential part of the valuation inspection process is to measure the house. So, providing full access to the property makes the valuer’s life a lot easier!

Clean, declutter, and repair

You only get one chance to make a first impression. A clean, well-presented house will show your property’s full potential. A valuer will take notes of everything visible, so those unfinished renovations would ideally be completed, and the house presented in its best condition to get the most out of your home valuation.

Supply relevant documentation

  • Floor plans: Before the inspection provide the valuer with a copy of the property’s council-approved floor plans.
  • Title/Plan of subdivision: Email or give a hard copy of the title/plan of subdivision to the valuer.
  • Relevant sales evidence: Make the valuer aware of relevant properties that have transacted in the immediate location (these need to be like-for-like properties, there is no point providing the valuer with the sale of a Victorian Terrace if the subject property is a modern apartment!).

Highlight the property’s special features

While the valuer is a property expert, there are certain features at a property that are not visible. Do you have an underground water tank? Solar panels on the roof? Underfloor heating? Point these things out to the valuer. Every detail counts with home valuations.

Contain pets

Please put your pets in a safe place so they don’t escape or take a nibble at the valuer’s leg!

Take COVID precautions

At Acumentis we operate within COVID safety protocols. If you would like the valuer to wear a mask during the inspection, please don’t hesitate to ask when speaking with our friendly staff to confirm the inspection time. Also, opening doors, and windows and turning on any lights where rooms are dark will facilitate a contactless inspection.