What information is required to prepare a Business Valuation?

To assist our team in efficiently preparing your business valuation, business details will need to be provided. Upon receiving instructions to initiate a valuation, we promptly provide clients with the appropriate checklist of required information.  Commonly requested information includes; 

  • 3 years of Financial Statements (Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, and Depreciation Schedules). 
  • Managerial Year to Date Profit and Loss Statements. 
  • Staffing Details. 
  • Lease copy and Recent Rent Invoice. 
  • Monthly Income data (24 months for general businesses, 12 months for Rent Roll Valuations). 
  • Details of physical assets (Buildings, Stock, Equipment) 
  • Legal Documents (licence, registration other details for compliance purposes) 

For Rent Roll Valuations, additional details are required, including a copy of the Current Property Detail Report, Current Arrears and Vacancy Reports, Copies of Licences, Audit Report of the Trust Account, and a Copy of the Certificate of Professional Indemnity Insurance.  

Specific industry/business information may also be requested based on the business type being valued.