What obligations and standards must a Valuer adhere to when undertaking Family Court work?

Valuers practice in full accordance with the ‘Code of Ethics’ set by the Australian Property Institute (API) and perform their professional duty in line with the ‘API Valuation and Property Standards’ and ‘API Rules of Conduct’.  Any actual or potential ‘Conflict of Interest’ is identified and disclosed at the outset to all parties.  It is the Valuers professional responsibility to remain completely independent and impartial throughout the process and always conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, fairness and honour. 

Within the context of Family Court work specifically, a Valuer is expected to at all times provide an independent viewpoint, no matter which party has engaged them. Valuers specialising in this field are also aware that undertaking this type of work requires empathy and understanding towards all parties involved. Experienced Valuers will strive to show sensitivity at the time of inspection, all while upholding their professional independence to ensure the quality and accuracy of the valuation report.