Damien Stone Promoted to State Director Residential Victoria

Acumentis has always been an organisation that actively nurtures and grooms staff by giving them the opportunity to learn, train and step up to senior roles – a key part of the working culture here at Acumentis. Damien Stone has been one of Acumentis’ success stories of a hard-working valuer who worked his way up.

Starting with Acumentis as a valuer in 2016, Damien was quickly appointed as the Associate Director in September 2017 in a short few months and served Acumentis till 2019. We saw Damien return to Acumentis in January 2021 and earn himself the position of Director in the Residential arm of the business in August 2021.  He continued to work hard developing his skills, supporting his peers, and learning from the senior leadership team at every opportunity that came his way. Known for his tenacity and his willingness to assist in varied areas of the business, the team at Acumentis is thrilled to see Damien step up into the role of State Director Residential – Victoria.

With a passion for developing people and leading teams to work with them on the “why”, we are sure to see Damien continue to develop the high performing residential practice in Melbourne.

Congratulations Damien. A very well-deserved promotion!

Damien Stone
State Director Residential - Victoria
— Melbourne Property Valuers
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