The perks of being an Acumentis employee

The COVID landscape has put health and wellbeing as one the top priorities for many Australians. It has been no different for the staff at Acumentis.

Acumentis has always been known for its excellent culture, and has put the health and wellbeing of their staff at the core of its operations. True to form, Acumentis has taken the reigns to assist its employees to keep their health speedometer ramping up during these difficult COVID times through some great initiatives and benefits.

September saw the team step up their game for Step_tember. Teams were formed across the different offices nationally which saw three teams complete over a million steps across the month. As a combined team effort – we recorded a mammoth 8, 081, 646 steps. A fun and different way for the teams to unite and work towards their health and wellbeing with some healthy competition splashed in….did we mention there were some very cool prizes for the winners?

If walking wasn’t your cup of tea-staff yoga and meditation sessions for the Acumentis Yogis was organsied. For the creative crew - a colouring in competition for some mindfulness and downtime for both staff and their families was put into play.

Month of October is turning into all about nutrition – dietician consultations, a health recipe cookbook and ofcourse balancing the eating with some more team exercise challenges is on the horizon for the entire team at Acumentis.

The cherry on top is the recently launched R&R 2 bonus leave day. Effective October 2021 till Feb 2022, Acumentis will give staff a bonus leave day, when any full day of leave is taken for some rest and recreation activities. With the restrictions easing, Acumentis hopes its employees disconnect from work and enjoy themselves doing something that brings them happiness for an extra day. A first of its kind health and well-being initiative launched to help lift spirits. So whether it is fishing, horse riding, cooking, painting we hope our team enjoys themselves.

Acumentis Managing Director and CEO, Tim Rabbitt said “Our culture first approach to operating, with our team at the core of what we do, motivates us to make Acumentis an Employer of Choice. The R&R2 initiative is one of the benefits of working with Acumentis and a small way of thanking our team for the tremendous resilience they have shown.”

To find out more about our generous employee benefits, visit our careers page.

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