ASF Audits & Acumentis Connect to Streamline SMSF Property Assessments

Acumentis, national property valuation company, is pleased to announce a connection with ASF Audits, a leading Australian auditor to deliver clients an independent, simplified, and compliant solution for their Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) property assessments.

ASF Audits is Australia’s industry-leading SMSF auditor with 30 years’ of experience providing comprehensive audit services to large administrators and accounting firms across the nation.

In today’s ever-evolving property market, it is encouraged to obtain an independent property valuation from qualified and licenced professionals. This proactive step can significantly reduce the risk of ATO disputes or valuation-related queries. Acumentis’ team of registered valuers is uniquely equipped to deliver cost-effective assessment reports, drawing from their extensive expertise, local and asset-specific knowledge, and invaluable market insights—an advantage that may be missed when opting for other third-party providers.

Nathan King, National Director of Advisory at Acumentis, commented on the challenges faced by Trustees and Fund Managers, stating, “Trustees and Fund Managers often struggle to access relevant market data that can substantiate the market value of SMSF-held property assets. This often leads to auditor queries or the need for valuation reworks. An Acumentis SMSF property assessment delivers an audit-compliant market value in a cost-effective and timely manner. ASF Audits clients can now easily request a fixed price property assessment online, complete a digital form, and receive an ATO-compliant property assessment within five working days."

This connection promises to simplify the landscape of SMSF property assessments, providing ASF Audits clients seamless access to independent, compliant SMSF property valuations and tax depreciation schedules for a wide range of property types, including residential, commercial, and agribusiness, spanning the entire nation.

“We look forward to working with Acumentis to provide our clients with an independent, streamlined, and compliant solution for their SMSF property assessments, wherever they are within Australia.”

Casey McGrath, Managing Director, ASF Audits

These assessments are completed using robust methodology and data, in accordance with ATO guidelines, while providing clients with the necessary information and confidence they need for SMSF reporting.

If you need an assessment for your SMSF property assets, take advantage of our convenient online portal or get in touch with one of our specialists at Acumentis.

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