Damien Schifferli 'Going for Gold'

He may not be an Olympian but when it comes to winning at business, Damien Schifferli is his own gold medallist.

Regional Director of our South West office in Busselton, Damien was recently invited by Commonwealth Bank to be a panellist for their ‘Business of Winning’ series.

In a year when many Australians are pursuing excellence, thanks to Visa, a worldwide partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Bank hosted the Business of Winning event series across regional Australia. Under the banner of ‘Going for Gold’, Australian Olympic freestyle skier and gold medallist turned small business owner, Lydia Lassila, led a panel discussion on adaptability, teamwork, and resilience.

Sharing practical and insightful advice to those in attendance, Damien emphasised that real success involves overcoming adversity and maintaining control even in tough situations.

"Never play the victim; you’re always in control, even when facing incredible setbacks that are not of your making," he shared, offering a refreshing perspective on resilience.

Damien highlighted the importance of a positive company culture in mitigating business risks and fostering a supportive team environment. He shared how Acumentis commemorates collective achievements from the year at their annual Acumentis Day celebration, a special initiative aimed at strengthening team cohesion.

One of Damien’s notable accomplishments is maintaining a stable team in a highly competitive market. He attributes this success to building a team of talented and dedicated individuals, underscoring the value of strong teamwork.

When asked to define winning in business, Damien said, "Winning in business is enjoying the experience of working as a team to increase market share, provide a superior service, and share in the profits." His definition emphasised the importance of collaboration and shared success, leaving a meaningful impact on the attendees.

Lydia was joined by fellow sporting legends and business experts, creating a rich and engaging dialogue, including, Olympic Medallist Eamon Sullivan and Olympian Fiona Ryan, both who are now small business owners. Their diverse experiences added depth to the discussion, offering valuable takeaways for the audience.

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