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Office 3, Unit 2, 9 Napier Terrace, Broome
WA 6725
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Property Valuers Broome

The Acumentis Broome office is located in the far North West region of Western Australia.  The township of Broome is a popular tourist destination and considered to be the gateway to the vast Kimberley region, with Broome known for its pristine beaches, aquamarine waters, pearling industry, striking landscapes and outback travel experiences.

Acumentis Broome services the West Kimberley and East Kimberley regions of Western Australia, encompassing Broome, Derby (West Kimberley) and Kununurra (East Kimberley).  Our valuers also service the remote towns of Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek, Wyndham and when required, we undertake property services to Christmas Island.

We provide property valuation reports and property advice for an extensive range of property types and clients including corporate, local governments, real estate agents and private clients across the residential and commercial market sectors.  Our independence and intimate local knowledge of Western Australia’s North West region provides an impartial assessment tailored to your needs.

The valuation team are qualified professional Certified Practising Valuers licensed under the Land Valuer’s Licensing Act of Western Australia.  Our valuation staff are Associate Members of the Australian Property Institute (API) and members of the APIV Limited Liability Scheme.  As an API requirement, all valuers regularly attend professional accreditation seminars under the Continued Professional Development (CPD) Program.

Our Broome office specialises in

Residential property valuations & quantity surveying

The Acumentis Broome office offers property valuation services for a wide range of rural and residential property types. In addition to residential valuations, we offer in this region valuations for tax purposes, tax depreciation reports and illicit substance swab testing for properties as required.

Rural and agribusiness valuations

In addition to residential property valuations, the Broome team offer specialist expertise in undertaking valuation work on pastoral stations across the North West. Having worked with various agricultural properties in the past, our valuers can assist with insurance valuations, technical due diligence and quantity surveying matters within the context of agribusiness properties.

Your local

Blake Lieschke heads up the Western Australian residential valuation team and is also responsible for overseeing the Acumentis Broome office.

Having been with Acumentis since 2006, Blake has a diverse set of skills and is experienced in valuing a variety of residential assets while also specialising as an expert witness to provide thoroughly researched valuation advice for the courts.  Blake has developed numerous longstanding client relationships during his time at Acumentis and is passionate about the valuation profession, being highly engaged with the Australian Property Institute’s Western Australia Division.

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